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Travel Risk Management Consultancy Service

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Enterprise Security Risk Management 

The ARC RISK Enterprise Security Risk Management team are highly skilled in both proactive threat and risk mitigation as well as reactive crisis management. We provide support to our clients during challenging times, offering expert personnel, advisory services, and additional resources to help address any security issues impacting their business operations. 

Our approach to security programme management is strategic and aligns security practices with our clients' missions and objectives. We adhere to globally recognised risk management principles to ensure that our solutions are comprehensive and effective. By working closely with our clients, we are able to tailor unique security strategies that improve their overall security posture. 

We offer valuable insights to executives on security and threat-related matters, enabling clients to make informed decisions that can safeguard their business or personal interests. We utilise advanced technologies and industry best practices to safeguard all aspects of a business, including its people, assets, and risk to reputation. 

Enterprise Security Risk Management 


Our Intelligence and Investigative services play a crucial role in today's business landscape where risks are ever present. Fraud, corruption, and intellectual property theft are major concerns for organisations, making it imperative to address them effectively. By partnering with us, you gain access to strategic risk identification, thorough threat assessments, and decisive action plans. 

Working closely with your advisors, legal experts, or directly with the client, we tailor investigative strategies that are both efficient and timely. Our dedicated investigation team brings a wealth of experience to the table, ensuring that the intelligence we provide is not only credible but also actionable. With our support, your organisation will be well-equipped to tackle these risks head-on and safeguard your operations effectively. 

Our investigation services include: 

  • Private Investigations 

  • Intelligence Gathering 

  • Covert Surveillance 

  • Screening and Profiling 

  • Evidence Gathering Support 

  • Source / Whistleblower Investigations 

  • Cyber & Digital Forensic with a trusted Cyber Expert

Travel Risk Management 

ARC RISK adopts a strategic approach to travel risk management, employing military precision in its operations. The team's collective experience in military and intelligence services equips them to handle high-risk activities adeptly. Drawing from extensive commercial experience, ARC RISK excels in managing risks in dynamic operational and expedition settings where continuous risk assessment is of paramount importance.  

By adhering to industry standards such as ISO 31000, ARC RISK ensures that its risk management policies are robust and informed. Additionally, the operational staff hold qualifications as Security Risk Management Consultants (Level 5), bolstering the company's capabilities. This strong foundation empowers ARC RISK to scrutinise risks meticulously and undertake expeditions that others may find daunting.


This is implemented using the following method: 

  • Expectations
    ARC RISK conducts a comprehensive threat and risk assessment before every expedition. Our team meticulously identifies potential threats and hazards, implementing measures to mitigate their occurrence and minimise their impact. These protocols are designed to lessen risks to the greatest extent feasible considering the unique locations and activities involved in our expeditions. While recognising certain risks as inherent in our operations, we empower team members intending to join our expeditions to evaluate and acknowledge these risks as well.
  • Planning and Logistics
    After completing the risk assessment stage, the crucial next step is to create a plan to implement the identified mitigation measures. ARC RISK prioritises the following elements in its preparation for any expedition or project: Development of a comprehensive expedition plan. Formulation of a detailed logistics schedule, medical plan covering all phases of the expedition, encompassing local facilities and assets, extraction strategies, and response times. Inclusion of an expedition doctor or medic if necessary. Establishment of a thorough communications plan. Delivery of comprehensive briefings on risks and the corresponding mitigation strategies. Austere environment training can be provided as needed.
  • Achieve
    ARC RISK offers highly experienced and responsible expedition consultants who specialise in dynamic risk management. They play a critical role in implementing expedition plans effectively. In the event of an incident or emergency, our team is equipped with the knowledge and well-practiced contingency, medical, incident and emergency communication plans. These plans are swiftly activated to address and resolve the situation at hand. Our emphasis on thorough pre-planning ensures that our procedures can be executed promptly and efficiently.
Travel Risk Management
Operational Security

Operational Security

ARC RISK is a trusted provider of discreet and professional close protection services, catering to Blue Chip companies, UHNW individuals/families, and members of Foreign Royal Families since 2016.  

Our specialised services encompass a wide range of operational requirements. Currently we can offer: 

  1. Individual protection officers 

  2. Executive protection teams 

  3. 24-hour residential security teams or individuals 

  4. Security chauffeurs  

We predominantly and discreetly liaise with Family Offices, clients and their legal advisors in order to tailor our security solutions to their unique requirements. Our esteemed team comprises of former members of the British Military and Intelligent Services complimented with diverse commercial backgrounds.

Crisis Response

ARC RISK's crisis response team, composed of versatile experts from various disciplines,  are readily available for immediate deployment to provide assistance and reinforcement to your organisation.


Our consultants possess the ability to quickly acclimate to your business needs and are equipped to provide strategic guidance to top leadership while also delivering hands-on support to help manage and recover from any crisis scenario. 

We can also offer Special Projects to our clients within our crisis response. In previous instances, our team has successfully conducted Special Projects on a few occasions for business entities and professional bodies. Our operations uphold the highest standards of confidentiality and trust, utilising our diverse range of expertise. This includes incorporating additional services like covert surveillance to support the mission. 

Upon thorough discussion and analysis of your operational specifications, we will meticulously strategise and execute your Special Project from inception to culmination. We will engage with you at each phase, tailoring a feasible plan that aligns with your objectives while staying within your financial constraints. 

Examples of Special Projects: 

  • Counter Intelligence 

  • Enhanced Risk Assessments 

  • Personnel Extraction Planning and Repatriation

Crisis Response
Security and Travel Risk Management Services

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