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Travel Risk Management Consultancy Service

About Us

Our Story

ARC RISK, a company dedicated to providing a fresh approach to the modern Private Security Industry.

We were founded with the vision of offering comprehensive and practical solutions. Drawing upon extensive expertise accumulated over decades of hands-on experience and rigorous academic research, our consultants stand out for their diverse backgrounds in both the military and private sector. This extensive knowledge base gives us a competitive advantage over others in our field. 

Through years of working with numerous clients across various projects and in different capacities, our consultants have gained valuable insights from operating in diverse environments, both in operational and business settings

Security and Travel Risk Management Services

ARC RISK has dedicated countless hours to enhancing our academic qualifications to complement our practical skills.

 Our primary objective is to furnish our clients with pragmatic and actionable guidance that is derived from real-world operational experience rather than merely theoretical classroom learning.  

Security Risk Management
Travel Risk Management

Our Team

Travel Risk Management Consultant
Travel Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management

Subject: FAO PT

Senior Security and Austere Environments Consultant 

MP has been immersed in the world of security management for the last 25 years. MP has carved out a reputation as a dynamic force in safeguarding individuals and assets in domestic and austere environments. 

MP transitioned out of the British Military after a distinguished career of over a decade into the private sector. As a seasoned security consultant and manager, MP has specialised in providing close protection for members of foreign Royal Families, UHNW clients and managing security operations in domestic and austere environments with a calm approach to each challenge. 

MP thrives in environments where precision and professionalism are of paramount importance. 

Subject: FAO MP

Senior Intelligence and Cyber Security Consultant

JB is dedicated to providing bespoke solutions for complex intelligence and cyber security situations. For nearly two decades, JB has operated in over 27 countries delivering results and exceeding expectations of clients. 

JB has consulted and operated for top tier financial institutions, foreign governments and UHNW clients.

Whether it be dispute resolution, covert investigative operations, penetrating testing or cyber security, JB can navigate the intricate challenges of the intelligence world by crafting tailor made strategies. 

JB can assist our clients in overcoming any obstacle with precision, integrity and efficiency.

Subject: FAO JB

Senior Executive Protection and Risk Consultant

WN is a seasoned security consultant who has been trusted by some of the worlds ultra elite for over two decades. 

WN has excelled in designing, implementing and delivering detailed risk and vulnerability assessments to safeguard corporate and UHNW clients while they are conducting business meetings in global hotspots.

WN is hailed as an innovative leader due to his proactive approach to handling high pressure situations whilst maintaining a calm disposition.

It is clear that WN draws on his experience from the British Army's Parachute Regiment to provide a strong sense of discipline, resilience and strategy into the ever evolving private clients sphere.

Subject: FAO WN

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